About Me...

I was born on 31 October in Kandy, Sri Lanka.
My parents and I migrated to Australia in 1990.
Grew up in good old Melbourne, Victoria.
Currently living in Canberra, doing my PhD at The Australian National University.

I'm pretty loud (sorry people), but most of the time, pretty chilled out.

I have completed my undergraduate at Monash University. Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Computer Science. In my Science degree, I majored in Pure Maths and minored in Astronomy. In Computer Science, I'm concentrated more on theoretical stuff, like Complexity, Computability, Languages, Coding Theory, Cryptography etc. You can find all my academic interests here!

If you want to contact me, my email address is lashi@optusnet.com.au. But, if you spam me, you'll be in lots of trouble.