Eclipse 2002 Photographs

Eclipse 2006 (As Salum, Egypt) Images here!

All these images were taken with a Mamiya SLR with a 3X teleconvertor and a 200mm Pentax Zoom Lens. The first four are originals, and the other digitally enhanced using The Gimp 1.3 under a Debian/GNU unstable system running Linux 2.6.0-test9-benh on a Apple iBook equipped with a 600MHz G3 processor.

You can click on any image to get a image of higher resolution. Permission is given to distribute and print these digital images, given that the copyright notice is not removed. If you want better quality images, contact me at
Image 1: IMG0001_CR.JPG
This image is a 2 second exposure about 1/2 second after second contact.


Image 2: IMG0002_CR.JPG
This image is a 1/2 second exposure well after second contact.


Image 3: IMG0003_CR.JPG
This image is  1/8 second exposure.


Image 4: IMG0004_1_CR.JPG
This image is a 1/125 second exposure. This effect is known as the "Diamond Ring" and it is a transitional effect that can be captured during second and third contact. This image was during third contact.


Image 5: IMG0004_3_CR.JPG

This image is the same as previously, but with levels adjusted. The images were scanned from the negative, so digital enhancement is neccessary.

This is the same as the previous image, but with Gaussian IIR Blurring effect applied with a with of 2x2 pixels to eradicate the specked effect on the image.


This image is the same as Image 5, but with Selective Gaussian blurring applied.


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