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Solar eclipses are an awesome sight. They say that there are 7 wonders in the world, but an eclipse is completely out of this world. It beats all the wonders you can think of!

In December 4 2002, I went with the camera's from Monash SPME to capture some images of this awesome sight. Here's a document I've written on Solar Eclipse photography titled "Totality 2002". The document is essentially a report I wrote for the Physics Department and submitted as part of my assessment for a subject. It's lengthy - about 5000 words. But it's worth your while if you have an interest in solar eclipse photography or just want to read it for kicks. You need xpdf if you're running a Unixy system with X or Adobe Acrobat under Windoze.

Click here to access the images that I took in Lyndurst, South Australia, December 4 2002.

The next solar eclipse that I've planned to get to is in 2006. It will be in Ethiopia and will be close to the centre of the path of totality. That means we'll probably get about 7 minutes of totality as opposed to the 26.5 seconds we had at Lyndurst!

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