Linux Console colour scheme for ViM


I am a great fan of ViM - it is powerful and improves productivity by a tenfold when one becomes sufficiently acquainted with it!

Over the last few years, ViM and GViM has become more popular. Virtual consoles by their nature are a dirty hack, and I've felt the need to begin coding under X. The one thing which has stopped me over the years has been the fact that all colour schemes for ViM under terminal emulation and in GViM suck! They are sophisticated and not asthetic as compared with the simpler and more elegant colour scheme which ViM uses by default on the Linux Console. After hours of complaining, I finally decided to write my own colour scheme which attempts to look exactly like the Linux Console.


The colour scheme is linux.vim.
For this colourscheme to be accessible to everyone, you need to put it in the color directory of your ViM system path. To use it locally, drop it into ~/.vim/colors.

To use this you need to edit your ~/.vimrc or system vimrc and add the line.

colorscheme linux

Also, I've noticed that this works best with Courier 10 Pitch Font (this is the closest I've found to the system font). You can use this by putting:

set guifont=Courier\ 10\ Pitch\ 11

Getting GViM to load by default when in X!

Neat little trick. Add this to the bottom of your vimrc:

if &term=~"xterm"

This basically loads GViM whenever you issue vi under any terminal in X.

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